Posted by David

There’s been more reasons for celebrations this Summer than our 30th Birthday at Express Group. Like much of the country this past few weeks our employees have been taking a great interest in the World Cup in Russia, watching on widescreen televisions specially setup to keep us all in touch with the latest happenings on the pitch.

England, Croatia, France, Belgium flags surrounding the World Cup Trophy.

Whilst our focus has been mainly on England and whether ‘it’s coming home’ or not it has come to our attention that our European offices have been threatening to gate crash the party!

You see our Belgium, Croatian and French offices might just want to ‘bring it home’ also.

Map of Europe listing Express Group's offices in England, France, Belgium and Croatia

Not wishing to cause a diplomatic incident or our colleagues in those offices undue concern about any bias we have decided to print our very own World Cup on our 3DP Workbench Pro (300-series) courtesy of our fantastic GoPrint3D team which will be presented to the winning England team.

3D Printed World Cup Trophy

We wish all our European colleagues all the very best for the coming Work Cup Semi-Finals and may the best team with three lions on their shirts win, COME ON ENGLAND it’s definitely coming home, isn’t it?