Express Group have a track record of providing maintenance contracts. Here’s why you should choose us for your maintenance contract…

Fast, Value For Money, Repair

Customers benefit from a lower repair price thanks to our discounted parts costs and a faster turnaround thanks to our parts stock availability. A well-established, worldwide supply-chain and good relationships with our suppliers ensures our ability to source parts and minimises the problem of parts obsolescence. We’ve been supplying multi-vendor parts new and refurbished for over 20 years, as an authorised distributor for the leading brands.

Long-Term Partnership With A Unique Supplier

Express Group have a proven track-record in quality, cost-effective repair of printers and modules, combined with efficient day to day operations and administration. Express have a unique offering within IT Services and Support; a total solution built on printer repair but encompassing new and refurbished parts, options and printers combined with stock and logistics services.

Expertise Across 25+ Brands, 400+ Models

Such a wide range requires knowledge and expertise as well as extensive parts-stock, consumables and test printers/modules known as “rigs”. Today we have an extensive range of our own “rig” machines of the right manufacturers and models to test the items in your repair profile. As that profile changes we invest in new rigs to enable us to complete repairs with a fast turnaround. With knowledge and expertise in abundance, each member of the Service team has on average more than 13 years’ repair experience

Repair Guarantee

All our repair services are  in accordance with our BS EN ISO9001:2008 accreditation and with a warranty period to suit customer requirements. Our Repair Process has always adhered to the highest standards of quality, cleanliness, and a proactive approach whereby we service rather than just fix the fault.  We maintain the highest standards so that you can exceed your customers’ expectations.

Workshop Based Engineering

We carry out rigorous testing – self-test, online-test, network test, PAT test and lengthy “soak testing” for intermittent faults.  Paper feed path parts can be changed as a matter of course (e.g. pick up rollers, fuser rollers, separation pads) and maintenance-related parts are changed when required (e.g. waste ink pads, fans, filters, fuser assemblies) as determined by the maintenance count of the unit/print quality defects/visual inspection.

We Handle The Exceptions

We minimise the hidden costs of repair contracts such as “Beyond Economic Repair” units through using refurbished parts and offering replacement refurbished units. When printers arrive missing their “duplex” or other options we can restore the unit to the correct version rather than reject it.


We can provide Fixed Price Repair or Time and Materials, pricing based on printer groups or model-specific.
You can bulk-ship us printers and modules on a fixed turn-around-time or for storing and calling-off at a later date.  Ask for sorting and quick-test or full service and repair, return to your central stock or express delivery to your customer site.  We provide an On-Site Replacement Service to get users back up and running in the quickest possible time –working printer installed, faulty printer removed; we manage the stock and the repairs.  We provide reliable and responsive Repair Contract performance as repair volumes fluctuate.

Get In Touch

To talk about your requirements please phone a member of our team on 01765 694 000 or email