Big brands can rely on us.  Many of the partnerships we have with brands such as HP, Epson, OKI, Brother have been in place for over 15 years. We’ve been trusted by HP to provide replacement parts across Europe for over 15 years, and by Formlabs as their UK distributor.


We can adapt to your business processes. By creating or modifying our processes internally, we can simply slot our business into yours, often without your customers even realising we are there.  We’ve got experience of providing, sales, warranty repairs, customer service, marketing support, warehousing and logistics.

Technical Expertise


2D/3D Printer Technical Expertise. We’ve been repairing 2D printers since 1988, both 2D and 3D printer repair requires a good knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering.  Not only that, but we’ve been the European repair centre for Formlabs since 2014 and our engineers have an average of 13 years repair experience, repairing machines from at least 13 different brands.


“Their 25 years experience in 2D printer repair makes us confident that this partnership will provide the level of service our customers expect, and their broader European presence is going to be essential in helping us drive growth. We’re thrilled to be working with them and excited for the future that the partnership makes possible.”

– Gideon Balloch, Operations at Formlabs



We’re established. We operate from our purpose built printer repair and distribution centre in Ripon, North Yorkshire.  We also have offices in France, Belgium & Croatia.  We also have a huge customer database for the UK which we can tap into.