We work with some of the top printing brands in the World, both in the 2D and 3D sector.  Find our why our partners choose Express Group to partner with in Europe and the UK.

Formlabs logo

We’ve been working with Formlabs since early 2014 as their European partner.  We’ve helped launch the Form 1+ in Europe and we are currently their UK distributor.


“Express Group has played a pivotal role in our success in Europe. The Express Group team is committed to a strong partnership, and it shows both in their execution and in their enthusiasm.”

– Luke Winston, Sales & Operations Lead at Formlabs


“Their 25 years experience in 2D printer repair makes us confident that this partnership will provide the level of service our customers expect, and their broader European presence is going to be essential in helping us drive growth. We’re thrilled to be working with them and excited for the future that the partnership makes possible.”

– Gideon Balloch, Operations at Formlabs

Mcor Technologies

We’ve been working with Mcor Technologies since 2014 as one of their UK resellers, securing their first sale of an Mcor Iris in the UK.

“Express group are a trusted and valued partner of Mcor Technologies. With them we have successfully brought low cost, full colour, environmental printing to the UK market. Their combination of 3D printing expertise, their penetration into our key market areas and track record of great support made them an obvious choice for us.”

– Rob Keogh, Sales Manager, Mcor Technologies


We’ve been distributing parts on Epson’s behalf for over 15 years, and in 2013 Epson decided to deepen their relationship with Express Group, with Express now providing parts for warranty repairs.

“Epson continue to work with Express Group thanks to their speed of response and efficiency. If you are considering working with Express Group, I would say most definitely use them; they will create processes that fit your business needs.”

– Peter Figoni, Customer Service Manager, Epson (UK) Ltd

“Express Group are easy to work with and committed to the task in hand, they provide quick responses to issues and will help wherever possible. Express are great when it comes to communication and resolving issues.”

– Stephen Valentine, Service Manager, Epson (UK) Ltd

3D Platform

3D Platform are based in We’ve been working with 3DP since September 2015, helping introduce the 3DP1000 and then launching the 3DP Workbench to UK engineering and manufacturing firms.


“We can always trust that the team at Express Group is committed to a strong partnership, dedicated to driving strong results, and always a pleasure to work with.

Express Group is instrumental in helping 3D Platform to grow in the U.K. market; I strongly recommend them.”

– Kecheng Lu, Marketing Communications Specialist, 3D Platform

Parts Group Europe

Our partnership with PGE ensures that we can maximise our coverage of EMEA, and makes central purchasing easier for our suppliers.


“I would recommend Express Group without fail because of their high competence, their great portfolio and their very well known great service for all IT-related needs. More than 25 years of experience makes Express Group one of the leaders in all their markets.”

– Andreas Kunze, CEO, Parts Group Europe


“We continue to choose Express Group as a partner because of their core business strengths as a printer spare parts distributor and additionally their Printer Repair Centre expertise. When the Express Group commit they deliver, as well as being very willing to work with their partners incorporating flexibility and a can do attitude.”

“They fully understand the importance of good communication, delivering a responsive service and reliable efficient stock management processes.  They have a great workplace ethos. Our Warranty Administrator Suzanne, advised that the Express Group are the most reliable Service Provider Oki has.”

– Dave Rutherford, Service Operations Manager, OKI Systems UK/Ireland