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Express Group Ltd is proud to be a partner of MarkForged. We joined the MarkForged Partner Program in 2014, to resell their range of 3D printers.

We are authorised to resell MarkForged 3D printers in the United Kingdom. We have access to all MarkForged’s latest hardware, including all filaments (print materials).

MarkForged products include:

  • The Onyx Series
  • The Mark Two
  • The Mark X
  • The Metal X
  • Eiger (Software)(
  • 3D printing materials

MarkForged and Express Group Ltd

Express Group Ltd is an authorised reseller of MarkForged products. We have early access to all MarkForged releases, and the full MarkForged product ecosystem. We are committed to improving MarkForged’s brand visibility, and to providing a first-class sales experience.

About MarkForged

Founded in 2013, MarkForged was the first to bring to market a desktop 3D printer that could print with composites. The Mark One Enterprise, as it was known, could print Nylon, Carbon Fibre, Kevlar and Fibreglass. Today, MarkForged’s product range is much larger, with five 3D printers on sale to suit a wide range of industries and applications.