Posted by David

GoPrint3D are delighted to announce that they have been appointed partners to Teach Design, and will be instrumental in driving their National 3D Printing Campaign. The campaign will aim to develop and exemplify the pedagogy behind the successful integration of 3D printing technology into the classroom.

12 Design and Technology teachers in London have been handed top of the range BEEVERYCREATIVE commercial 3D printers, provided by GoPrint3D.

Each teacher involved in the project will spend a year exploring the possibilities of 3D printers in schools, and will regularly blog about their experiences on the campaign’s website.

The outcome will be a better understanding of 3D printing technology across the board, as well as a detailed exploration of the technology’s potential applications within the learning environment. A report will be created at the end of the year, entitled ‘3D Printing Guide for design and technology education’, which will be available to all schools to download, to see what 3D printing can look like in the design and technology curriculum.

Teach Design’s National 3D Printing Campaign aims to raise funding for additional 3D printers and support teachers in implementing 3D printing within the curriculum. They plan to do this through crowd funding, supported initially by the Mayor of London’s office.

Suppliers of 3D printing technology, and experts in their field, GoPrint3D have been chosen to partner in this campaign due to their strong emphasis on hands-on customer support, which will be relied on heavily by the project’s initial 12 teachers.