Posted by David

On 29th May 2019 the Formlabs Roadshow is coming to the UK. The first UK event will be hosted at the headquarters of GoPrint3D, based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. There will be two sessions – a morning session, geared to those that are new to Formlabs; and an afternoon session aimed towards existing Formlabs users. Attendees to either session will also get the chance to see the newly launched Form 3.

“We’re really excited to be taking part in the Formlabs Roadshow this year.” said James Blackburn, Sales Director at GoPrint3D. “We first showcased the Form 3 in the UK a few weeks ago and the reaction was great.”

Both sessions will have 3D printing experts from GoPrint3D and Formlabs speaking, with the afternoon session going into more advanced areas such as Optimising for 3D Printing. Each session will also have time for Q&A, networking, and chance to browse the 3D printers in GoPrint3D’s showroom.

“I am looking forward to introducing the Form 3 and Form 3L in the UK, and to talk with the community about their experiences with 3D printing technology. This new product line plays a vital role in our mission to expand access to digital fabrication to users across the globe, and we’re keen to share more insight into the new product range.” said Jimmy Littmann, Director of Channel Sales at Formlabs.

The Form 3 uses a new technology called Low Force Stereolithography™ (LFS) that drastically reduces the forces in printing. This in turn increases part quality, repeatability and allows for even more detail than ever before. The Form 3 is also built for maintenance, with user replaceable parts, including the entire Light Processing Unit (LPU) that houses the laser and optics.

Each event will run for around 3 hours and is free to attend. Spaces are limited and on a first come first served basis. To see the full agenda and to register, please visit