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Express Group Ltd is proud to be a partner of 3D Platform. We are authorised to sell 3D Platform’s range of 3D printers in the United Kingdom.

3D Platform is a brand synonymous with industry and manufacturing. Their large-format 3D printers are economical, accurate and robust.
3D Platform products include:

  • The 3DP WorkSeries
  • The 3DP Excel
  • The 3DP1000 (Retired)
  • Filaments (PLA, PETG, ABSX, ABS, HIPS, MDFM TCP-FLEX Meta-filled, WOOD-filled)

3D Platform and Express Group Ltd
As a 3D Platform Partner, Express Group Ltd is authorised to resell 3D Platform products in the United Kingdom. We can source any 3D Platform hardware, including filaments, and we are committed to maintaining the brand reputation of 3D Platform.

About 3D Platform
Founded in 2014, 3D Platform is a leading manufacturer of large-format, industrial-class 3D printers. 3D Platform is committed to creating products that are built on industrial strength linear motion components, for unparalleled durability. Their 3D printers are used around the world in industry and manufacturing for both rapid prototyping and end-use production.